Free Applications With All Features

Now here is the one any only opportunity to gain access to two of our full scaled professional applications, which will solve all your streaming and off air recording problems at one blow.

Awesome Apps @ Your service :)

The two applications released for free by 42NETMedia are gap filling solutions on the radio market worldwide.

The Streamer comes free with all the main important features, such as 9 channel multiband compressor, AAC, AAC+ and MP3 codecs, and supports the most popular server platforms as Schoutcast, Shoutcast2, and IceCast. With the help of 42NET Streamer anyone starting from small online radio stations to giant radio houses will find the ideal solution for streaming and reaching the perfect sound.

StationCheck can be indeed handy, if you wish to record the neighboring radio stations’ broadcast without restrictions. If you wish to repeat or listen back timecoded and splitted material from the 24/7 archived shows. It was designed for you to be able to configure new recording routes, to record from one or more individual sources into different formats, quality and folder. It is even possible to create your own setup matrix as you wish. Our StationCheck is basically an unbounded logger application, that can be custom-configured. Furthermore by using other 42NETMedia applications, more and more awsome features will come alive!

Clean & Modern Design

Functionality is one thing but the outfit is at least so important. Sexy and userfriendly design is why 42NET is the best choice of yours

Our solution for AirCheck and Logging

Add the number of recorded channels, set up the splitting time and quality settings for each, and press RECORD. That's all.

How to encode and broadcast your station ?

Now you can do it quick and easy! Just simply add the number of stream channels, select you desired encoding quality and you are ready!

42NET StationCheck

Automated spitting of audio files in every 15/30/45/60 minutes. Set your preferences at your choice

Custom bitrate setting is available for each channel. Let it be the lossy MP3, or choose the robust, but ultimate quality WAV format, it only depends on storage capacity

Up to 32 individual parralell recording channels at your service. Choose from the same input or select different for each track, press RECORD and thats all.

Auto delete for files after customly set up time intervalls. Free up some space on your hard drive from time to time!

Landing 2

42NET Streamer

Encodes and broadcasts your audio to the internet 24/7/365 with different available encoders that can transfer your broadcast into MP3/AAC/ACC+ quality.

Sends your radio station track currently playing, including embedded song data into the audio stream.

All features are compatible with all playout sytems.

Automatic restart and reconnecting after loss of power soundcard or networkfailure, so there is no need of manual troubleshooting.

Landing 3

Easy to Use

Unrestriced number of streaming channels and potential in the interest of most powerful sounding! Install today, to let everyone feel the difference!

  • Unlimited number of channels
  • MP3/AAC/AAC+ supported formats
  • Progressive monitiring of Listeners/Usage/Network/Network stats
  • VST support for each channel
  • Integrated Stereo Tool
  • Multiband audio processor
  • Stereo Enhanchement
  • Phase rotation
  • ...and much more

Get Your Free Application For Life!

Register today, and receive our fancy offer: we give you two professional applications that will change your life for good!

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